Coding or Cooking?

I’ve been trying to decide which of the things I did today was more creative, coding or cooking. Neither of them was particularly intensive, both were creative in some way, and both had satisfying results. Trying to decide which one is better isn’t really the important takeaway, but I want to weigh each one anyway. Coding For work, I needed to start laying out a landing page. I was given a rough design of what it should look like and a handful of functionality requests. Continue reading →

Keeping track of programming projects over the years

I know for years and years I’ve teased different programming projects, among others, I’m working on here (hell, this website was initially a programming project–I wrote an entire blogging platform from scratch as a proof of concept; it was primitive, but I loved the software and only switch to WordPress as it was easier to maintain). More often than not, they didn’t amount to much. Part of me thinks that my writing about them on here caused me to lose interest in them. That’s not Continue reading →

Ubuntu Gets Me Excited

Okay, time to nerd out all over my blog. It’d be a lie to say I’m not excited for Thursday. “Why Danny? What’s so important about Thursday? Do you have the day off?” Yes, I have the day off. I have every Thursday off at the moment but that’s not it. Thursday is the day Ubuntu 12.10 is released. Nerd. Amiright? Now, I usually get excited over the release of the operating system I’m using. It used to be I got excited over major Windows Continue reading →

Raspberry Pi Ordered

For those of you who might care, I finally ordered my Raspberry Pi today. I’ve put it off for no clear reason. Which, considering it’s back-ordered for at least three weeks, is stupid. Since it’s being delivered to my parents place back in the States, I won’t get to play with it for a while. Currently, I’m swinging back and forth on installing OpenELEC and RaspBMC. I keep wanting to write, “I’m leaning towards {x} because of {y},” but every time I do, I check the other Continue reading →

The Next Gen NES HTPC with Legos

Remember when I wanted to build a NES HTPC? Me too. It was a great idea. Then I changed my mind. I decided that I’d rather go with a Raspberry Pi to power my HTPC (running OpenELEC, of course). It’s a far cheaper option and people are reporting great success with it. At first, I had added a pre-molded case to my cart, thinking it would simplify things. Then I got to thinking, why not build my case? It doesn’t have to be big or Continue reading →

Operating System Switch Considerations

Guys, the release of Windows 8 is looming and I’m starting to panic only a bit. I do things like this for things like this. Get used to it. I’m usually be pretty excited for a new version of Windows (hell, I got Vista when it came out. AND. LOVED. IT.). Windows 7 was the same way. I like things that are new. Operating systems get old and I get tired of seeing the same thing day in and day out. They also get sluggish. Continue reading →

Analog Writing for Digital Content

In the next 24 hours, expect to see a spike in my word count to the left. I’ve been busy writing the past few days and today is going to be a day of typing (after I bake a batch of muffins and deliver them). I figured out the secret to me churning out ~4,000 words a day. I can’t be near a computer. It’s a time drain for me (and I’m guessing most of you, too). I start clicking around, resolve to start writing Continue reading →


Back in March, when the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was release, I tried and tried to get it to install on a spare partition of my hard drive. However, I couldn’t get it to work and I talked tried installing OpenELEC instead. While I haven’t played with OpenELEC in a while (I think I wiped the drive I installed it on because I need to transfer some docs and I couldn’t find my flash drive–the flash drive was later found between the layers of canvas Continue reading →

Too Streamlined

I belated Happy International Women’s Day. Also, I have a problem. I’m starting to make my internet life too easy. I’ve reduced the majority of my internet activity to RSS feeds and I’ve imported all of them into Google Reader.   While this certainly makes my life easier and saves me a boatload of time because I’m not needlessly checking a bunch of websites all day, it also has left me confused and worried. My most visited pages in Chrome has started pulling up random Continue reading →