House Projects To Do List

Since buying our house, Ellie and I have been keeping an ever-growing list of house projects we would like to complete. Below is the list I’ll keep up to date as projects are completed. Wherever possible, I’ll link to write-ups about each project.

Danny and Ellie, New Homeowners


These projects pertain to everything we want to do in the basement of our house. Some improve the living space and some improve the working and utility space.

  • Insulate planned finished area
  • Put up drywall
  • Install flooring
  • Install ceiling
  • Connect lights to the wall switch
  • Add overhead light to the small room
  • Overhaul basement bathroom
  • TV center/built-in shelving
  • Attach stair railing
  • Fix furnace
  • Braided steel lines for the washer
  • Fix dryer exhaust


These house projects pertain to the bathroom, both upper and lower. As the list grows, I’ll try to designate which bathroom each task applies towards.


These house projects improve the sleeping areas of the house. We have three bedrooms, and all will be included in this list.

  • None yet


These house projects pertain to the garage, inside and out. 

  • Garage door opener
  • Motion sensor light
  • Insulate garage
  • Secure garage door
  • Create lofted storage area


These house projects pertain to the kitchen and eating area of the house. 

Living Room

These house projects pertain to the main living space of the house. For the time being, this will not include the basement living space, only the above grade living room.

  • Update mantle and grate
  • Get fireplace working
  • New TV credenza


These house projects pertain to the office in the house and anything which can improve worker productivity. 

  • New desk


These house projects pertain to everything which happens outside of the house. Siding, gardening, fencing and everything in between will be documented here.

  • Fix bricks
  • Remove sun porch
  • New light fixtures
  • New windows
  • New front door
  • Change front door lock
  • Resurface driveway