High School – Roll 13

Blog, Photography / Thursday, June 13th, 2024

This is the last of my rolls from my film photography class in high school. Following this class, I had a semester of digital photography which I didn’t enjoy. That class had too much emphasis on Photoshop edits and those aren’t really my thing.

These photos, however, are not the last of the photos I took in high school but I won’t come back to those for a bit. I found a stash of negatives I didn’t know about for the longest time. So while I would have liked to share things chronologically, it is much too late for that.

This group contains a bunch of candid photos from school, and I’m glad I have them. I wonder how dated they look to the kids these days? To me, they all look right, normal, and stir many memories from those halls.

Also, there appears to be a photo shoot of my parents. A couple notable things here. First, and foremost, my dad is in photos and smiling. The only way I can get him in a photo these days is if he is with his grandkids. Secondly, the room they’re in has been notoriously hard to take photographs in. There is a hanging pendant style light in that room and it awkwardly lights people (somewhat happening here) or the camera is completely metering for the light and not the actual subjects. These photos aren’t really suffering from those issues.

Finally, there is a batch of photos of my dogs from when I was a kid. One of those photos was my final project for my photography class. We had to take, any style or subject we wanted, and print a photo on a special photographic paper that allowed for coloring with what I think were a type of oil based stains. That photo is on the shelf behind me as I write this. That photo always has and always will sit on a shelf in my home.

As I come to the end of this semester of photography, I’m starting to realize that most of these photos would not have ever seen the light of day had I not picked up a negative scanner a couple years back. These images would have sat in their binders until someone came across them and ultimately decided they weren’t worth saving. At least for now, they are viewable and can be appreciated. Maybe you’re in some of these photos and if so, do you remember the time and place and everything about these moments? Does the picture bring it all back for you like it does for me?

I’m glad that I’ve spent the time resurrecting all of these, despite the amount of work it has been. The best part is we’re only scratching the surface of my photos. I’m currently in the process of scanning my 42nd roll of 35mm film. Additionally, I am starting to amass a collection of 120mm film rolls. I’ll keep shooting them and sharing them as long as my cameras and scanners let me.

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