Raspberry Pi Ordered

Computers / Thursday, October 4th, 2012

For those of you who might care, I finally ordered my Raspberry Pi today. I’ve put it off for no clear reason. Which, considering it’s back-ordered for at least three weeks, is stupid.

Since it’s being delivered to my parents place back in the States, I won’t get to play with it for a while. Currently, I’m swinging back and forth on installing OpenELEC and RaspBMC. I keep wanting to write, “I’m leaning towards {x} because of {y},” but every time I do, I check the other website and think the opposite. Maybe I’ll try them both once I get to play with the thing and see which one I like more.

Also, due to the high price of buying all the pieces I’ll need to build a Lego NES case for the Raspberry Pi, I’ve put that idea on the back burner until I have the disposable income. With any luck, I’ll land that million dollar per year job in a couple of months of being home. For now, I’m going to still use Legos (or an old NES case if I can source one). The Lego build is going to be epic and the design will have to support the possibility of expanding so I can add things on (like a TV tuner card or a Blu-ray drive). The old NES case would certainly be capable of this (if you have a broken one you’re willing to part with, leave a comment). Any suggestions for other designs? I keep picturing some sort of Godzilla/dinosaur monster but it really doesn’t really work out in my mind.

It’s nice that I’m finally at a point in Peace Corps where I can begin my horrible habit of buying computer parts again. Soon, I’ll have a fully wired house. Or apartment. Or my bedroom at my parents’ place. Or just their basement.

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