Computers / Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Back in March, when the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was release, I tried and tried to get it to install on a spare partition of my hard drive. However, I couldn’t get it to work and I talked tried installing OpenELEC instead. While I haven’t played with OpenELEC in a while (I think I wiped the drive I installed it on because I need to transfer some docs and I couldn’t find my flash drive–the flash drive was later found between the layers of canvas for my messenger bag but that’s another story), I’m still dead set on using it. It’s a beautiful operating system for a home-brewed HTPC.

Lately, however, I’ve revisited the original plans I made for my build. I wanted power and upgrade-ability. I also wanted Blu-ray support. I certainly will still have these things because why would I give up on power? But I’m considering changing the form factor so it all fits nicely into an old NES or SNES box. The boxes are iconic (the NES more so in my opinion) and who wouldn’t want one sitting next to their TV? This guy certainly would like to see it.

So, thoughts? Should I build my HTPC using an old NES or SNES? Or should I stick with the original MicroATX case I first considered. Or better yet, do you know of any better consoles I should use (on the cheap, of course, and able to fit the guts of a PC)?

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