Blog / Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

So we are closing on the house next week and then moving in a week later. At that point, I’ll have a 6 mile bike ride to work or a 45 minute bus ride, with a transfer. I’m going to opt for the bike ride. I’ve biked year round before, when I worked for the UW Arboretum and it was a five mile bike ride to and from work. The distance doesn’t bother me, the roads do.

Madison is all about keeping the lakes surrounding it in good condition which means they choose not to salt the roads unless they have to. I think that is fantastic. Salt causes a lot of problems, but not having the salt causes problems too. Like ice build up beneath the snow. I’ll deal with it.

I have also decided that since the bike ride will be much longer, I probably need to switch away from the fixed gear bike. Twelve miles a day of nonstop peddling will wear me out fast. Plus hills. I have a ten speed I pulled out of the trash and fixed up, mostly. There are some finishing touches I need to put on it still, but once I do I’ll be a speed machine. I can’t wait for it. Last summer I rode a friend’s Bianci road bike and realized quick what I was missing.

So many changes are coming the next month or two, I hope everything transitions smoothly!

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