Wedding Ring

Blog, Cats / Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Over the weekend Ellie’s cat, Tilly, decided to start playing with my wedding ring which I had left on the counter while I showered. No one was around to watch her and stop her. She played and played with it and then it disappeared.

It was at that moment when I realized how attached I had become to wearing the ring. More than the ring, I was attached to what it advertised and it scares me to think I would go an indefinite amount of time without it on my finger. I didn’t want to be the Danny that didn’t wear a ring.

I tore the apartment apart looking for it. I swept and swept everywhere a cat could put a ring. I pulled out the stove, I looked under the dishwasher, behind the couch and in the trash. It wasn’t anywhere. We started to suspect, because it seemed like the only place left to look, that Tilly had eaten the ring. And then I missed the ring itself and it’s history. I knew I could go out and get a new ring. But that ring would never be the same. The ring I wanted was the one that had been at my wedding and everywhere I had been since then. I wanted the original ring with all the history.

After nearly two days without the ring, I decided to pull things out again and look in places I had already. And that’s when I found it. It was under the TV stand, how I don’t know because the stand is flush with the ground from the front and sides, but it was there. The first time I looked there I had half assed it and not pulled it out all the way. 

So now I have it on my finger and if I ever take it off and leave it alone, rest assured I will not put it someplace Tilly will be able to get to it.

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