OMG I cannot believe this happened again…

Blog / Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Ellie and I close on our house on Friday, and it cannot come soon enough. Guess what we found in our apartment again last night. Mold. A big old pile of it. Take a look:


We had the final walk-through today on the house. We were checking to make the seller did everything they said they were going to do to guarantee the sale of the home. Not everything was up to our standards or was even addressed based on the list they gave us. So we let them know they missed a few things. Nothing huge, maybe two things which need to really be addressed. Since they only have a day to fix stuff, we’ll see how this plays out. We’re not sure they’ll be able to do everything and if not, then we don’t know what happens. We asked our agent but he’s been in a meeting all evening.

The plus side is that the garageĀ looks brand new. Before, the inspector had deemed it a job where it’d be easier to knock it down and rebuild than repair. It really didn’t look that bad to me, but he clearly knows what he’s talking about better than I do. What ended up happening is that the seller replaced all the rotted wood, fixed a wall which it looked like someone had started driving through, installed a new door, diverted the rainfall with some better drainage, and put a fresh coat of paint on the garage. It really looks totally different. Knocked my socks off when I saw it.

While we didn’t take any photos today except of the things which needed work, I didn’t want to leave you totally hanging so here is a render of the house I put together.

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