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Free Concert

So the word on the street is that there’s a free concert today in the Eurocup 2012 Fan Zone in Kiev. Artists present are Queen, Elton John, and Adam Lambert. It’s a AIDS awareness event, if I heard correctly. Guess who is going. Peace Corps has taught me not to miss opportunities. If someone asks […]

Pest Infestation Eradication

I have a problem with bugs. I don’t like them. I don’t like them flying near me. I don’t like them crawling on me. I try my best not to kill them, however, unless I absolutely have to. A few days ago, I blamed Ernest Hemingway for leaving fleas in my apartment. It’s because he’s […]

The Ballad of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is a dick. No joke. Oh, I know at first he seems like he’s just a cute little guy braving the world on his own and forging new paths, but once you bring him into your home all you can think about is how to get him to leave. But really, you don’t […]

Problems with June

Summer hasn’t been up to snuff in my books. I can’t seem to motivate myself to much of what I want to do. I get out and do things often, but it seems like I also do a lot of sitting at home surfing the internet. It just dawned on me why last summer was […]

Talking to Girls on the Phone Makes Me Nervous

Today I faced my fear and I called two girls on the phone. I get very anxious every time I need to pick up the phone and call someone and it’s amplified when that someone is a girl. I’ve put it off for a week now but I finally pushed myself to do it. I […]


Today I got my hair cut because it was long overdue. I’ve worn it shorter in Ukraine and I like it this way. You can see it here. Anyway, I walked into the barber shop and sat down. The woman who usually cuts my hair walked over and asked me, “Как всегда?” and I replied, […]

Making Excuses

Hey guys, get this. I’ve had two+ cups of coffee today. That’s some sort of record for me. I should be wired for a while now. I promised to make excuses, and here they are. I didn’t write yesterday because I continued with my deep cleaning of my apartment, I started work on my new […]

Starting Off Eventually

Today I learned that my running route is roughly 6.7 miles. How, you ask? I took out my old analog map and measured street by street. Then I added each street length together–I took the measurements in centimeters because I’ll be damned if I can find a standard ruler here–to get a total of 63.5cm. […]

Summer Plans

This is the last time that I’m aware of that I’ll get to really enjoy this song in it’s fullness. School ended on Friday and it’s finally time to put my summer plans in motion. I’ve already cleared my bathroom sink of the fiberglass insulation-like clog of hair and gunk. Now for the bigger projects. […]

My Sister at School

For the next week, I’ll be wandering around Ukraine with my sister. She booked a trip a couple of months back and this past Wednesday, she arrived in Kiev. We’ve spent the past couple days in Konotop. I showed her around the city and made sure she saw all the major monuments. We even tried […]