Excuse Thursday

Peace Corps, Writing / Thursday, July 12th, 2012

It’s time for everybody’s favorite game here, Danny Makes Excuses! 

I’m fully aware that I said I’d type up a bunch of my novel yesterday and update the word count but other things got in my way. It’s fine, I’ll hopefully get to it later today.

First off, yesterday I was having trouble with WordPress. It wouldn’t connect to external sites (I think it was a cURL issue but there was a chance it was also something related to IPv6). It took me all day, in small bursts of messing around, to decide that it had something to do with my hosting company. As far as I could tell, it wasn’t WordPress because I did clean installs and it worked fine. I also tried different browsers and operating systems on my computer and it sill had issues. Whatever the real cause was, however, I’ll never know because I woke up this morning and things were business as usual.

Secondly, I ran over to my landlady’s place yesterday to drop off some utility bills and we had a nice chat. Then she had me running back and forth to check for a missing bill and to see if I had a plastic container for her to bring honey in to her sister in Russia. I didn’t have one and it also took me a trip to understand what, exactly, she was looking for. Crisis averted? She also gave me a bag of fresh cucumbers and apples. I immediately went to the store to get sour cream to make cucumber salad using the cucumbers (not the apples, surprisingly).

Finally, I had to take a trip to the train station to grab some bags off a train from volunteers who were passing through. These bags contain baseball gear for Camp Excite coming up in a week and a half. Jeramie needed them at her place and since she was around, she asked me. Part of me thinks about what happened and I question whether it’s actually a normal transaction. We used other people to transport things and there was a window of no more than ten minutes to grab them. It’s fairly normal here but I can’t remember if people do this kind of thing in the States. Enlighten me?

Today, now, the plan is to finish writing this, type a little, deliver some baked goods, Russian tutoring, and finish up the day with more typing. Hold me to it.

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