Free Concert

Peace Corps / Saturday, June 30th, 2012

So the word on the street is that there’s a free concert today in the Eurocup 2012 Fan Zone in Kiev. Artists present are Queen, Elton John, and Adam Lambert. It’s a AIDS awareness event, if I heard correctly. Guess who is going.

Peace Corps has taught me not to miss opportunities. If someone asks you to spend time with them, you don’t say yes and leave it to be figured out later, you ask, “When?” Like with Eurocup, Jeramie asked me if we should get tickets. Admittedly, I was hesitant but I eventually jumped on the opportunity. As one of my friends put it best, “When else are you going to have such easy access to an international sporting event?” Probably never, that’s when.

Outside the Kiev Stadium
Holding our tickets outside the Kiev Stadium before France vs. Sweden


So when someone tells you that there’s a free concert with some great bands, you shouldn’t fret over the money spent on travel or the odds of actually seeing the stage at such a high-profile concert. You just discuss what time you’ll arrive.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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