Making Excuses

Peace Corps / Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Hey guys, get this. I’ve had two+ cups of coffee today. That’s some sort of record for me. I should be wired for a while now.

I promised to make excuses, and here they are. I didn’t write yesterday because I continued with my deep cleaning of my apartment, I started work on my new profile picture, and I hosted another PCV for the evening.I haven’t started writing yet today because I was at school unexpectedly longer than I anticipated. Sure, it frustrated me, but I managed to get a fair amount of reading done. I’ll be back tomorrow for what I’m guessing will be the last time until August.

I’m trying a new thing with my writing. I tend to try to write things¬†chronologically in the story. I don’t know if that accurately explains the two meanings I want it to mean so I’m going to go into detail. If you understand exactly, and only exactly what I mean, then you can skip the next paragraph.

When I write, I process my thoughts in the order¬†the story happens. A character’s birth always is written before their childhood and old age is written before death. That’s usually how my story’s end up when I’ve finished because it’s clearer for me that way. I don’t know if it makes for a stronger or weaker narrative. Not sure I care. The second way that I write chronologically is that I don’t skip ahead and write the end after finishing the beginning. It causes problems. I need to keep track of where things are going or go back and change the ending otherwise because I have strokes of genius that requires me to change the story. So I write chronologically in time and in story structure. I should have just said that from the beginning.

The new thing I’m trying is skipping ahead. I’m writing the ending now and I’m going to fill in the middle when I’m done. Why? Because I got stuck on the middle. Maybe the end will tell me where I want the middle to go. Maybe not. But either way, I blame my writer’s block on the fact that I couldn’t figure out what to do with my characters before the finale.

Finally, I’ve decided that if I hadn’t joined the Peace Corps, this blog would be full of stories about cats and motorcycles. Would that be more interesting? Discuss. Also, be aware that this time next year, that will be exactly what this blog will be. Cats and motorcycles. I guess for those of you who aren’t reading here for the first time, it won’t matter because you came back for more of the crap that I write.

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