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I took an unplanned hiatus. At some point in the late winter and early spring, I stopped riding the bus and I started being busy with the house. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and sort out my thoughts. Now, I have a moment, as I wait for Ellie to wake up and we can get ready for a wedding in the Minneapolis area. I don’t think the work that comes with owning a home has dipped into my time as much as Continue reading →

Excuse Thursday

It’s time for everybody’s favorite game here, Danny Makes Excuses!  I’m fully aware that I said I’d type up a bunch of my novel yesterday and update the word count but other things got in my way. It’s fine, I’ll hopefully get to it later today. First off, yesterday I was having trouble with WordPress. It wouldn’t connect to external sites (I think it was a cURL issue but there was a chance it was also something related to IPv6). It took me all day, in Continue reading →

Making Excuses

Hey guys, get this. I’ve had two+ cups of coffee today. That’s some sort of record for me. I should be wired for a while now. I promised to make excuses, and here they are. I didn’t write yesterday because I continued with my deep cleaning of my apartment, I started work on my new profile picture, and I hosted another PCV for the evening.I haven’t started writing yet today because I was at school unexpectedly longer than I anticipated. Sure, it frustrated me, but Continue reading →