Starting Off Eventually

Peace Corps / Monday, May 28th, 2012

Today I learned that my running route is roughly 6.7 miles. How, you ask? I took out my old analog map and measured street by street. Then I added each street length together–I took the measurements in centimeters because I’ll be damned if I can find a standard ruler here–to get a total of 63.5cm. Then, since there was no scale on the map other than 1:17000, I multiplied 63.5*17000 and converted the resulting centimeters to kilometers in Google. Then from kilometers to miles (I’m fully aware that I could have went from centimeters straight to miles but I like the extra step. Make the project seem bigger than it is. So yeah, 6.7 miles and I’m running it in an average of 54 minutes. I need to start working on my speed.

I took care of a few bits of Peace Corps work today but I made sure to leave some for tomorrow. That way I’ll have something to do tomorrow.

One of my summer projects is to clean my apartment like it hasn’t been cleaned before. Partially because it’s been perpetually messy and partly because I want things to be easier come November when I’m packing it up. Today I started going through things and now have a large pile of trash and a fair-sized pile of things I need to take to the Peace Corps office to share with other volunteers. I also have far too many books to be bringing home in my suitcase this fall.

And after an entire day of procrastination, I finally got to some writing. I set my goal for at least 1,000 words before I let myself stop. I rang up 1,047 words in about 45 minutes. Can’t say it’s good writing but it’s writing. This is only the first draft and I intend to cut a ton to refine it into something simple. More on this later.

I’m excited for tomorrow because I plan on taking the base shots for my new profile picture. I have an image in mind that I will be recreating. I’ll use these shots as a template for my tracing and coloring on the computer. Each year they seem to get more and more elaborate.

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