Oh yeah

I apologize, I am working on cleaning up some code which I could do on my local environment but at the same time I am trying to make sure that my hosted site works well with any strain I put it under. Hope that makes sense. So now that I finished the homework I am back to working.

Spanning coast to coast

I was just checking over the statistics of the site and I see that we have had visitors from each coast, which is great. Do me a little favor and tell your friends about this site and we can see where that takes us. As of right now, I have the comic updating twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. My plan is to slowly increase this until I am updating five times a week. But for that to happen I will need time, and Continue reading →

Up and running

So after I posted the last entry I think everything is running enough to call my project a success. I am going to keep adding features and making the site better. If you have any suggestions for what you wish to see here, send an email to the webmaster.