School has been blown to pieces

Blog / Monday, May 19th, 2008

Exams are done. School is out. I am moved back to the parents house for the summer. Should be napping and relaxing and reading, but I may be more busy than while I was still at school.

I suppose now I need to start thinking about my plans for the summer and trying to work comics into this schedule. Fear not, I will continue to keep updating three times a week. Also, if everything works out for me, I will up my posting schedule in the Fall. That is hoping that the paper picks up my comic and I need to publish more to keep up with the paper. If you would like to see that, emailĀ and tell him that you wish to have this comic in the paper.

My plans for the summer include: building a server, triple booting my computer, enhancing my artistic prowess, reading a ton of books, excercising, playing softball, hanging out with friends, and working. Feel free to join me in all of the endeavors.

My apologies for any of you who checked the comic Friday when it was posted only to realize that it wasn’t there. I had it all written, drawn and inked, and I just forgot to upload it. Plus I had an amazing day hanging out with friends Thursday, that it slipped my mind. Once again, my apologies and I will try not to let it happen again.

You may have noticed a few additions to the site lately. I finally got the icon working in IE7, I know it had been working in Firefox prior to a week ago. I also added a list of comics that I read. I hope you enjoy them, too. If there are some on there that you read and feel I should too, you are more than welcome to drop me a line with the link.

I suppose that is all I have for now. I am going to go look at parts for my server and do some sketching.

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