Dinner Last Night

Blog / Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Wasn’t great.

Sometimes, I get a great idea of what to make for dinner but the execution ends up being off for some reason or another. Last night, I made a coconut chicken curry soup. I thought no it could have been good, but I used cream of coconut instead of coconut milk. The cream of coconut, apparently, is really sweet. Like, coconut flavored syrup sweet. I didn’t realize this until after I put the whole can in. Had I not done that, I could have just made a chicken soup. 

At least there is bread and butter. Woodman’s carries a brand of take and bake loaves of bread. We try to have a few on hand at all times. They’re a good side with a lot of things. We get a French baguette which is a couple feet long. I usually end up eating the whole thing, minus slices Ellie eats. Bread and butter could keep me going.

So while I did have bread, I still wanted to try to salvage the soup. I tried adding citrus and it didn’t cut the sweetness enough and too much citrus just made it unpleasant to eat. I tried adding leftover rice, and it helped a bit but there was still too much of the sweet broth. I ended up draining most of the broth and eating the chicken and veggies with rice. 

Tonight will be better, tonight we are going out for a friend’s birthday. If the food sucks, it’s not on me.

What’s your go to dish and why do you do when something turns out nothing like you imagined?

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  1. I can’t say I really have any go to dishes, but one of my go to things is improvisation. I can certainly follow a recipe, but I like improvising with what is on hand to see what I can create. I also like to jazz up canned soup. If I have a can of chicken soup for example, I like to throw in lots of kale, carrots, and plenty of garlic and ginger. I especially like jazzed up soup when I’m sick, but enjoy it any night too.

    When I flub a dish, I usually cover it in some kind of hot sauce until all I taste is hot sauce, and then eat it.

  2. We almost always have dry and frozen ingredients to cobble together a pizza: crusts, cheese, sauce, and some kind of meat. We keep frozen meals around too but I think all we have right now in the freezer is wild rice and mushroom soup.

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