Blog / Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Everyone came in to work this morning ready to bitch and moan about something, myself included. I didn’t know it, but something yesterday put us all off. I think it stemmed from our boss announcing the bonus structure for the year, and it was much less than everyone anticipated and felt they deserved. Naturally. My bonus structure wasn’t announced because it’s still in planning, but I was fired up regardless.

What I think everyone boiled down their frustration to is one co-worker who doesn’t really have a place in the office. She was hired to de elop one part of the site, but has since been removed from that role to a broader role. She’s a person who was hired for but g picture ideas, but I’ve found has a whole lot of trouble le nailing down any ideas to implement big picture ideas. I find that frustrating.

Our boss vouches for her. She gives her a lot of say in a lot of things and I personally think she doesn’t have a good understanding of them. She suggests changes without acknowledging work that is in progress of that has already been done. She floats from project to project and gives directions to people. But it always feels like she is given authority over all the teams, without it being explicitly said. She acts as though she’s the number two, but no one has said she is.

I’ve had a lot of beef with her since she’s been hired. In addition to the above, I think she’s an ass kisser. She has no back bone. She’ll change her messaging on the fly because our boss says she doesn’t like something. Instantly, she adopts the bosses way of thinking, not questioning it. 

Now that I think about it, she is on a specific team but only does work here and there for it. The rest of the time she floats and forces her way into other projects.

Basically, the organization of my office is a mess because my boss hasn’t defined it clearly. She’s given preference to the newest staff member who has the least klout for what we do.

End rant.

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