March Updates

Blog / Monday, March 25th, 2013

I’ve been too busy lately. A lot of time was taken up by my grandma’s last few weeks. We had an unusual amount of family visiting to say their goodbyes and that kind of thing really keeps you busy. It’s not something I recommend for any of you.

Work has also been keeping me busy. In a surprise turn of events, I had my three-month review at work and found out that they didn’t want to fire me. In fact, they seem to really enjoy having me as an employee. Seriously, though, who doesn’t? Also, seriously, I thought they were going to fire me because I had made so many mistakes at work in the recent weeks. Nope. I got a raise instead. I’ll take it.

I’m still living at home since coming back from Ukraine. I had an apartment lined up but I didn’t end up moving in for a few different reasons. The most significant one is that it’s easier to pay off student loans when you don’t need to pay rent. For the time being, my parents understand the situation but I don’t want to over-stay my welcome. I think this summer I’ll start looking for my own place. With any luck, I’ll have the majority of my loans paid off by then. I paid off one of them this month and it felt great. I want that feeling every month until they’re gone.

The NES HTPC is happening.

Still dating the same girl.

When will Spring get here? I want to take my Honda out of the garage and get in a good ride. Also, a friend of mine finally wants to learn how to ride. Looking forward to teaching him.

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