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2014 Year in Review

I want to write about my year in review. Sometimes these posts get pretty long and detailed. I’m going to try to only focus on only one to a few details from each month. Bear with me. 2014 Year in Review In January, I travelled West. Ellie and I went to Arizona to celebrate a year of our wonderful relationship. It touched on only the beginning of a great American journey I want to take over the course of my lifetime. In February, I got Continue reading →

Why Mrs. Mosby is Going to Die

It’s long been rumored that the future Mrs. Mosby is actually the late Mrs. Mosby. It’s also a gut feeling I’ve had for a long time. Somehow, it’s always made sense to me that she died sometime before the beginning of season one. Why else would Ted feel the need to sit his kids down and explain to them in excruciating detail how he and their mother met and got it on? And with a recent episode having Ted choke up when the mother asks, Continue reading →

March Updates

I’ve been too busy lately. A lot of time was taken up by my grandma’s last few weeks. We had an unusual amount of family visiting to say their goodbyes and that kind of thing really keeps you busy. It’s not something I recommend for any of you. Work has also been keeping me busy. In a surprise turn of events, I had my three-month review at work and found out that they didn’t want to fire me. In fact, they seem to really enjoy Continue reading →

No More Wine, Grandma

While I was in the Peace Corps, I accidentally created a character of my grandmother. I took stories of our family get togethers and blew them out of proportion while talking about her. You see, we always had a few bottles of wine when we’d get together for a holiday or birthday and the story turned into grandma having a case of wine for herself. She’d turn into a rambunctious old lady and we’d eventually have to cut her off. The story would always end with me Continue reading →

Collective Creative Writing at School

Friday, I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had with two of my classes. I worked with a 9th grade and a 10th grade class and we did the same lesson with both. It started off with me reading a story and asking them to understand. Then, they read the story and told me what happened. After that, we considered what might happen after the story. Both classes were pretty bored by the end of it. But then the fun began. We turned Continue reading →

A Nightmare Come True

The past few days have been kind of depressing. I’m not depressed, not that I’m aware of but I’ve been a little blue. Want to know why? Remember Fat Sandwich Dreaming? This was the sandwich shop in Madison, WI where I would get sandwiches that were close to deadly. I was also having nightmares about this place. Sometimes I would try to order my usual, the Fat Magnum, only to find they’ve changed the menu. Other times, I’d have nightmares that the shop wouldn’t be Continue reading →


I was going to write a post today about how Valentines comes around every year and I only really had someone to share it with once, and now that’s long over. I was going to get all deep and philosophical. But in light of certain events, I’m not going to. Instead I want to talk about Venus. I bet I’m one of a small few people, if not the only one, who actually know Venus by the name Venus. Most people call her Rosi. Today, she’s Continue reading →