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Blog, Peace Corps / Monday, April 30th, 2012

Today, I was working on a Peace Corps side project and I realized that I needed a way to batch resize photographs using the GIMP. I’ve used scripts in both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro but unfortunately you can’t easily create them with the GIMP. So I set out looking for a way to do this.

As usual, when I start looking for things like this, I got distracted. I cam across other scripts that I wanted to try to I ended up messing with those. The most interesting one was the first one I found and it promised to turn portraits into National Geographic looking shots. I installed it and let it run. It was a processor intensive script on my little netbook and took some time to process. Here is the original photo next to the processed:


I rather like the result. So then I took it to a decent photo I have of my dad, and here’s the result:


Also, not too bad. It’s inspired me to try to improve my digital photography and eventually write my own script, even if they’re basic (like the batch resize that I never ended up finding because I was too distracted).

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