Football Followed by Tailgating

Peace Corps / Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Today has already been a great day. We started the day with an American football camp at Jeramie’s school. Pat, a volunteer in our neighboring oblast, has taught his kids flag football and now is partnered with a Ukrainian NGO to travel the region teaching kids to play. We were his third stop, and his biggest thus far. Jeramie wanted two camps, one for her school only, and one open to all the students of Konotop. Throughout the day, we had about 100 kids, which is no small feat.

We started by having some of Pat’s students explain the game and the rules in Russian. The presentation was just enough for comprehension but not too much to bore. A lot of the students didn’t follow everything from the presentation, but we told them we’d play and then it’d make sense.

After the presentation, we did some practice skills. We taught throwing, catching, running some simple plays. Some students picked it up faster than others but all seemed to enjoy it.

All in all, we played about four hours of football and now I’m beat. But the day isn’t over. Remember last year when we tried grilling, only to get grilled by an old woman wanting to know why we were cooking food, disturbing her peace? We’re going to try that again. Except this time, I’ve got burgers and a slightly new place that should prevent the same woman from having to smell our disgrace of a meal. Yeah, right.

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