Camps grants and babuskas

Peace Corps / Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Summer business has kicked in full swing lately. I had one camp the week of the fourth. This week I wrote my grant. Next week I have another camp and the week after that another.

I’ll try and do a write up when I get free time again but I wanted to mention those things for now.

Dan left and left me the grill. We took it out for a test drive tonight at my place. The food turned out great but one of the old babushkas in the building next door came and yelled at us for grilling. She didn’t want the smoke around. Never in her twenty-five years living in that building has she seen anything like it and she won’t stand for it. Never in her twenty-five years in that building, I’m guessing, has she had to deal with Americans who like to grill.

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