Tech Tips – Language Immersion for Chome

Tech Tips / Friday, May 4th, 2012

I’ll admit it, I was going to introduce you to a comparatively lame topic this week, but I scrolled across this one and instantly knew I had to share it. Unfortunately, this is for the Chrome web browser users out there only (if you’re not using Chrome, you should; if you need a few reasons to use Chrome, email me, and I’ll give them to you).

Anyway, I came across an extension that will help you learn Russian and Ukrainian as you browse the web (other languages are available as well). It will randomly insert translations into web pages when you load them. The words will be highlighted and if you click on the words, you can toggle the translations. Also, there is an option to have the words spoken to you. Neat, huh?

The extension is called “Language Immersion for Chrome” and it can be found in the Chrome Web Store. Or you can follow this link:

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