Too Streamlined

Computers / Friday, March 9th, 2012

I belated Happy International Women’s Day.

Also, I have a problem. I’m starting to make my internet life too easy. I’ve reduced the majority of my internet activity to RSS feeds and I’ve imported all of them into Google Reader.

Fullscreen capture 392012 51739 AM.jpg


While this certainly makes my life easier and saves me a boatload of time because I’m not needlessly checking a bunch of websites all day, it also has left me confused and worried. My most visited pages in Chrome has started pulling up random websites I visit a couple of times a year. How am I supposed to deal with that?

New Tab - Google Chrome 392012 52200 AM.jpg

Even two of those I’m considering adding the RSS feeds to Google Reader so I have even more time saved.

I need your help. Try and find websites that I will enjoy and I can’t import the RSS feeds into Google Reader so I have a most visited section that actually reflects my life.

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