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Tech Tips / Friday, March 9th, 2012

This week’s tech tip is for all of you, but I really think it’s most important for you Group 38ers out there. Why? Because this week’s tech tip is to help you easily create an awesome resume, free.

I came across late at night while I was searching for something completely unrelated, but that’s how the internet works. The website is fairly straightforward and all you need is an email address to sign up (I haven’t gotten any obnoxious spam email yet either, which is a plus in my book). My favorite part of the website is that it gives you tips and explanations on what information should go in each section. It answers most of my résumé questions in one place.

There’s a catch, however, to saving your résumé. If you want to get a copy free, you have to get one in either PDF, HTML, or TXT format and it adds an advertising imprint on the bottom of the page. To me, this screams unprofessional. It also screams, CHALLENGE! I wanted the résumé I spent an hour writing and I wanted it without any ads. Can it be done? Yes.

The trick is to download your résumé as an HTML file. This is great if you have a website and you want to dump it on there so you can direct future employers there. But it’s also great because it doesn’t keep the ad imprint on the bottom and it keeps the original formatting (the text file won’t do this for you). The kicker, you can open the HTML file in Microsoft Word and it will be a perfectly formatted resume, without the ads.

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