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On Being a Twentysomething

Ooh boy. This is one of those posts I knew I’d get to at some point but never really imagined it being here. The weird thing is that I knew exactly when it should be written. Today. I needed it out today because as of today, I am no longer in my twenties. In years past, I’ve tried to sum up only the previous year and what it meant to me. But this occasion is so momentous and it’s more than a year. It’s a decade. It’s Continue reading →


I’m not sure anyone really knows how old Marley is. My brother can pull a year out of the air, but he never seems quite sure he knows the right year. The vet has an estimate based on her mouth, but she emphasized that it’s only an estimate. I only know when she came to me. Marley has had an interesting life. My brother, I think, got her as a kitten. Then when I was I college, he handed her off to me. When I Continue reading →

Marley After the Vet

Marley is all fixed up now. She recovered rather nicely and I’m making sizable dents in the amount I owe for the procedure. Fun fact, I was quote anywhere from $450-$950 for her procedure depending on how many teeth were pulled and other work that might need to be done. I feared the worst. The actual cost was $510 and I was more than relieved at the time of checkout. The procedure took out 14 of her teeth and they cleaned the remaining 10. Her Continue reading →

Cat Dental Procedure for Marley

Marley is currently under the knife!  After I had taken Marley in to get checked up after she pooped some blood, the vet was harassing me for not getting her mouth fixed up sooner. I told her that it was too expensive for me to pay all at once (they don’t offer payment plans). She suggested that I look into getting a Care Credit card. Care Credit is a card that can be used for medical, health, beauty, and veterinary charges as long as the Continue reading →

Back from MIA

My Apologies I get it, I know that I went MIA for a while. To be honest, I kept wanting to come back and write and update about the things going on. For some reason though, I never was able to bring myself to do it (this post even took a week from when I first started writing it to the time I posted it). I lacked the drive I kept up for so long. Writing became a chore for a while. Even thinking of something Continue reading →

Cat Feeding

I love that when I wake up in the morning, there’s a cat sitting on my chest, waiting to be fed. I love that she sits in between the shower curtains while I shower, waiting to be fed. I love that once she’s fed, she purrs. I really love that once she’s fed, she still comes and sits on my lap while I check the internet and have my breakfast. That’s how I know she loves me.

10 Things I Want to be Remembered For

Someday, I will die. I hope to go peacefully as my grandpa did, lying on the couch in his sleep. I don’t want to be as young as him because he never really got to know any of his grandkids but still, peacefully in my sleep. At the end of my life, I hope someone stands at my funeral and reminds every one of the things I did in my life to be proud of. If I were to choose today, the following ten things Continue reading →

The Internet is for Cats

I take too many photos of my cat. I’m becoming that guy. I feel less ashamed if I share them with people. Not by shoving my phone in people’s face saying things like, “Look at my cat, isn’t she the most adorable?” No, I choose to show them by either texting them the photos at 7am or by posting them here. You’re welcome internet. [pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] [pe2-image src=”http://lh6.ggpht.com/-alJpcluftGI/URZjJdVWJAI/AAAAAAAAOzQ/UfY1g4iCrkQ/s144-c/20130209_084025.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/111197070419838127380/InstantUpload#5842966580703929346″ caption=”20130209_084025.jpg” type=”image” alt=”20130209_084025.jpg” ][pe2-image src=”http://lh4.ggpht.com/-PyJCfTZ8z-Y/UQvTZVDnFBI/AAAAAAAAOxI/6KCeFHzI4V0/s144-c/20130201_070622.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/111197070419838127380/InstantUpload#5839993773918458898″ caption=”20130201_070622.jpg” type=”image” alt=”20130201_070622.jpg” ][pe2-image src=”http://lh6.ggpht.com/-yQUja3VVn-4/UQVo-9tt4xI/AAAAAAAAOuM/Ru450xXlZ_Y/s144-c/20130127_115018.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/111197070419838127380/InstantUpload#5838187922883207954″ caption=”20130127_115018.jpg” type=”image” alt=”20130127_115018.jpg” Continue reading →