Marley After the Vet

Blog / Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Marley is all fixed up now. She recovered rather nicely and I’m making sizable dents in the amount I owe for the procedure. Fun fact, I was quote anywhere from $450-$950 for her procedure depending on how many teeth were pulled and other work that might need to be done. I feared the worst. The actual cost was $510 and I was more than relieved at the time of checkout.

The procedure took out 14 of her teeth and they cleaned the remaining 10. Her breath smells a far sight better than it did before. This is good because she has this habit of licking my face. Sometimes I wonder if she’s a dog. A small dog, but she still seems like one.

The vet tech warned me that she might be a little loopy from the drugs when I got her home. She warned me to keep an eye on her so she didn’t accidentally fall off of anything. I couldn’t help but burst out into laughter when I imagined a drugged up Marley just falling off the back of the couch. It’s the kind of thing she does when she’s not on drugs but it’s still funny to think that it might be more likely to happen.

Marley After the Vet
Marley After the Vet

The vet also had to shave her paw, as seen above, so they could give her the IV. It was weird seeing her with no fur and it made me wonder what she’d look like if she was entirely shaved, or had a lion’s cut. Maybe someday I’ll have a need to get her fur shaved off (maybe she’ll roll around in a lot of gum, or poo, or skunk), but I’m not going to go out and shave her just to see what she looks like.

Most importantly, she’s eating better now that she’s feeling better. There are days now that I’ll come home from work and her bowl will be empty. This is great since I learned she needed the surgery after taking her in because she wasn’t eating. She still stinks, and I think this might have to do with the food I’m feeding her, but it’s progress. She eats now so I can switch her to better food and hopefully take care of that classic Marley stank.

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