January, What Happened?

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January has been busy to the point where even when I have time to write, I don’t because I’m exhausted. Work, and commuting to and from work each day, really takes a lot out of me. There’s not much else to say in that area except I can describe my job by quoting Tom Smykowski […]

January 31, 2013

A Christmas Tree


This isn’t a real post because it won’t contain any of the work related stuff or the stuff about being home that I’ve intended to write about but that’s okay. You want to know why? Because I make the rules, that’s why. Today, I put up a Christmas tree.  It’s really the only Christmas tree […]

December 17, 2012

Photo Essay: Chernobyl 2012

Peace Corps

Sometimes you do things because the opportunity is there and you’re not quite sure if it will come about again in your lifetime. Sometimes people ask you why you’re doing exactly that and you explain it to them the way you see it. And sometimes they respond that future insurance companies might not insure you […]

September 30, 2012

Deciphering Government Documents

Peace Corps

I’ve been MIA for the past few weeks, but I’ll get to that later today or later this week. Right now, I want to tell you how much I hate sifting through government documents. Okay, hate might be too strong of a word but finding the exact information I need and then interpreting the wording […]

April 10, 2012



I was going to write a post today about how Valentines comes around every year and I only really had someone to share it with once, and now that’s long over. I was going to get all deep and philosophical. But in light of certain events, I’m not going to. Instead I want to talk about […]

February 15, 2012

This one’s for you

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I consider myself a writer even though it seems I only write my inane thoughts here. But trust me, I have many more inane thoughts. I recently realized I don’t hate my commute between home and Madison as much as I thought I did. It used to be that it was an hour ride where […]

August 22, 2010

My life in boxes

Peace Corps

It’s official, I moved back to my parents house. Temporarily and there are no plans of moving into the basement. None yet. Why would there be? Peace Corps is just over a month away. I thought a majority of the battle would be packing all of my stuff up before hauling it home but now […]

August 16, 2010

Life in a day


YouTube asked its users to partake in a project recently, I did. Ridley Scott is producing and Kevin MacDonald is directing a film that features only footage shot on July 24th, 2010. They reached out to YouTube users to lend a hand by uploading what they did that day. Here is my video:

July 29, 2010

The grandiose life meant to stay grandiose

Peace Corps

I was supposed to start a new job yesterday. But I didn’t. Today I went to the doctor for the last bit of medical attention needed before I can gain medical clearance for the Peace Corps. A little over a month ago I submitted my resume for a ‘Front End Web Developer’ position here in […]

July 27, 2010

Follow up email

Peace Corps

As promised, I will keep you updated on my Peace Corps application. Today I received an email containing some more documents to fill out. I was also told to expect some more in the mail. I have until February 17th to complete and return them. I also learned that there is no guarantee of an […]

February 2, 2010