My life in boxes

Peace Corps / Monday, August 16th, 2010

It’s official, I moved back to my parents house. Temporarily and there are no plans of moving into the basement. None yet.

Why would there be? Peace Corps is just over a month away.

I thought a majority of the battle would be packing all of my stuff up before hauling it home but now I know that it was only a very small portion of the battle. I had an apartment full of stuff and now I’ve merged that with a house that needs hardly any of it.

My mom has made it quite clear that I’m to go through it so there is as little as possible to store while I’m away. But not only is there my apartment stuff to go through, there’s also the leftovers of my childhood. I have about twelve boxes from the apartment, a few days worth of clothes washing and other items that can only be labeled as ‘misc’. There’s no place to put them.

Granted, I can get rid of a lot of clothes because I won’t be taking them with me to the Ukraine. But some of the shirts are hard to part with. I can merge some of my dishes back in with my parents and the rest can be packed away, but before I do that they need to be ran through a dishwasher at least once. Both tasks seem simple, and I’ll admit they probably are, but I just can’t motivate myself to doing them.

I haven’t even thought about the nightmare of boxes and objects labeled ‘misc’.

That’s my project for the next four weeks. To go through my life and condense it as much as possible. From there, I have to condense it again and pack it into two nonexistent suitcases and a carry-on.

How will I make it through the process? Simple, I have my computer set up in my bedroom with a 32-inch TV as a monitor and a normal sized monitor on the side. I should have three monitors, but it’s proving difficult to get working.

I’ll use this setup to watch movies while I work. Both will keep my mind off the other. If you’re free in the next few weeks, I can always use a hand.

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