Paint the fence

I guess I am going back to the dorm later today. I suppose that means my spring break is over. Sigh. Just a quick recap. I managed to do very little. Stayed off of me feet and rested them as much as one can without sitting in bed the whole time. I got the bike out of the garage and replaced a few parts. I was supposed to ride it home today but weather hates Wisconsin. I also had a bit more stress than intended, Continue reading →

Broken spring

Spring break. Spring Break. Feels great. I have slept. Talked to some friends. Got back on my motorcycle. And slept. Yep, nothing beats a week off. I guess that I have started my first strips with a storyline. It feels like a big moment. I wonder if I started this story too soon, maybe it would have a little more effect if you knew the other characters better first. Time will tell. Funny story with this storyline. When I came up with the idea for Continue reading →

Swing of things

Now that the semester has slowed down a bit once again, I feel somewhat relaxed. Or maybe it is the fact that I spent as little time as possible on my feet this weekend in order to let them rest for once. Or maybe it is because I just took 10 shots of vodka (just kidding mom and dad). Either way, me = relaxed. Throughout this week and the next I will have a bunch of free time. I will hopefully get a chance to Continue reading →


As you may have noticed, commenting is now available for the blog posts. I hope this is used as intended and there is no spam to be had. Though if there is, I can always enhance it to avoid spam and pointless talk. I also have built in a way for me to delete comments that are offensive, contain links, or are just plain spam. I should return in a day or two to share some more thoughts, but for now I need to prepare Continue reading →


Turns out buffers can come in handy. My current comic buffer runs out on Wednesday. Which is timed perfectly with the end of my exams and papers due for this time of the semester. I have been so swamped lately that I have not had any time to draw more comics. I had one from the 18th but none since. Today I finally got the chance to sit down and create one that has been an idea for a couple weeks now. As a matter Continue reading →


I have not had as much time lately as I would have liked to work on the site, though I am slowly progessing through my tasks. Time is better spent at the moment catching up on my vast amounts of reading for class. Supposedly if I do well on things called exams I will, in the end, get a degree. Though right now this seems to be a needless luxury item, I am sure that my parents will tell me that it is good to Continue reading →

Making the move

Just thought I would let you know that the comics are now being updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I have multiple reasons for making the change. First, with updating only twice a week I had a buffer of four weeks. Second, this relates to the first, I like to be able to relate my comics to current happenings if possible. So the sooner I can get a new comic posted the better. Lastly, I look forward to each new one, even though I wrote Continue reading →

Change we can believe in

I saw Senator Obama speak last night, it was moving. He talks of great change, not coming solely from him but from the people. He knows that things do not happen over night, but he knows that anything is possible in time. He emphasizes his own past when he speaks. How he started with nothing but had hope and the hope of others. It was from this that he built his career, his life. I was not around when President Kennedy ran for office, nor Continue reading →

My bad, changes to come

First off, I want to apologize for the comic not being updated like it should have. It should update automatically at midnight eastern time. But there was a little problem with my code that didn’t add the comics for me. It has been fixed and it shouldn’t happen again. Secondly, I want everyone to know that I am working on the comments section. I really would like to hear back from everyone that visits, your thoughts, good or bad. Right now it is a matter Continue reading →