Departure, delayed

I just moved back home for the summer yesterday. Still working on unpacking. I know I haven’t written much lately and it goes against one of my previous posts. When I get a chance, hopefully tonight, I will be back with a bigger update. If not, feel free to load my inbox and the comments with reminders.

I’ve just seen a face

Do you ever feel like you met someone too late? Someone you have known for a while, but never gotten around to talking to and getting to know until the moment that it may matter no more? I have. I think I am going to make it matter, you never know the kind of person you are missing until they are gone, but if you never let that person leave do you still know what kind of person you are missing? Its been a busy Continue reading →

Comics in book form

Time to write the weekend post. I know it is early, do not hate me. I will not be around this weekend, so I must get it out of the way now, while I sit at work. Finals are almost upon me, I wonder if it would be a better idea to write and ink all of my comics in advance for that week to build up a buffer or if it would be good to have the breaks from studying to work on them Continue reading →

A little Marvel and DC

I should be sleeping. I did something today that I have been meaning to do for a long time. I went out and bought comic books. Comic books in the sense of a graphic novel (I have owned Calvin and Hobbes comic books and Foxtrot and the like). It feels weird. I made sure I picked up a few that I would enjoy, so I grabbed a Batman and an X-Men. Just a word of advice, do not start a comic book in the middle Continue reading →

Pitcher has a big butt

With the past week or two I finally modified my comment script to ignore all of the comments with no text. This made it so I have far less to delete all the time. But now I just get random gibberish comments, as though a baby was walking on the keyboard. I am tempted to write these down and try to find a cipher for them, but I am too lazy/busy. The annual student newspaper softball game took place this past friday. I played. First Continue reading →


I believe I forgot to add post this weekend in the middle of the night. I was busy. I am sorry. It was an enjoyable weekend, so it makes up for the fact, right? I am glad the weather is back to being habitable. I am not a cold weather person. I will take hot and humid any day. With the sudden surge in temperature, I have noticed that the entire campus has turned into a pseudo beach. On my fifteen minute walk to class Continue reading →

Few quick ‘uns

First of all, this is the tenth week that I have been posting comics three times a week. Nothing, too exciting, especially in relation to some comics that update seven times a week and have been around for years, but whatev. Also, I meant to mention this in my previous blog post, but it must have slipped my mind in the ungodly hours of the morning. First of all, I do not like the word blog. I only use it for lack of something better Continue reading →

It’s the weekend, what more do you want?

Well it’s the weekend and I suppose, as it has been of late, that it is time for me to write a little something. Big news, at least for me and this site, I managed to get the layout working as I desire on all four of the major web browsers. My apologies if the one you use is not one of those and the site still is messed up. It is slightly time consuming for me to track down all the browsers people use Continue reading →

Woes of a junkie

Ever wish you could just get away from something for good? Like it would make your life infinitely better if you did? When you first found it, you were happy, you discovered things that you never thought of before. Then came the moments of obsession. The ones where you cannot be without it. But things changed. Slowly, you worked yourself into hating it. Despising all the time you spent with it. Now you look for a way to leave it forever, to never have to Continue reading →

Wrapping it up

What a crazy weekend. For starters I figured out why I thought that the Firefox stylesheet was working and now isn’t. So i guess that point I got a few days ago is moot. Last night was a haze of 1920s murder mystery/rave in the den/movie night in my room. I think that might have been more things done in one night than done all semster. Wasn’t too shabby. Looking back to Thursday, I received two items in the mail. One of which is being Continue reading →