Musings on an English Degree

I'm Danny Zawacki. When my wife and I bought a 1950s ranch house in Madison, WI, I didn't see it as a story to tell right away. However, as the projects started happening the story started to develop and I wanted to share it with you.

I was born in the eighties and raised as a nineties kid. My goal, however, is to be an enterprising and DIY man right out of the 1950s. I buy old tools and I put them to use fixing up my old home. Come along for the journey?

Build this!

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Washington Elementary School

Washington Elementary School Kindergarten: Mrs. Holford (1993-1994) 1st Grade: Mrs. Salverson (1994-1995) 2nd Grade: Mrs. Mealy (1995-1996) 3rd Grade: Mrs. Britson (1996-1997) 4th Grade: Mr. Meinel (1997-1998) 5th Grade: Mr. Nelson (1998-1999) [google-map-sc]


Born to Joseph and Laurin Zawacki Weight: 8lbs. 7oz. Length: 21in. Oaklawn, Illinois [google-map-sc]