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Blog / Monday, September 1st, 2008

When a comic writer creates a strip for the first time, they need to make a decision. Should they, or should they not age their characters.

Off the top of my head I can thing of only three that actually age their characters; Least I Could Do, Funky Winkerbean and For Better or For Worse.

For Better or For Worse has been written by Lynn Johnston for the past 29 years. In that time I believe she has only had to kill one character off of the strip, a dog who reached the end of its age.

Then yesterday happened.

I stopped at home to pick up a few things and my dad handed me the comics and told me to take a look at For Better or For Worse. Yesterday she wrote her character’s futures. The last panel was a note from Lynn herself, informing the reader of her decision. She has not chosen to retire from drawing comics, far from it. She said she is starting over.

Lo and behold, today’s comic went back to her old drawing style and her characters are now 29 years younger. As she has stated, she is going to start the story over but add some new things here and there .

Lynn, I would like to say that I truely respect your choice. I know how difficult it can be to try and put everything you want into such a small space a few times a week. Now you are giving yourself the chance. Best of all, you didn’t leave the story hanging. I look forward to reading your strip with its new additions and I hope that everything goes well with it.

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  1. I think you missed a line on this one, Danny.

    I’m liking the new character though. The hairstyle choice is perfect for a froshie.


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