I am so damn anxious

Blog / Friday, February 10th, 2017

This house cannot come soon enough. In one month, we close. A few weeks after that, we officially move in. I just cannot wait to be so busy. Lately, Ellie and I have been just treading water in the evenings. We’re at a point where we don’t care to make our current place better, and we are unable to make our next place good.

A lot of time for me has been spent on Pinterest. I want to find all the projects that we could do to really make our house full. Just yesterday I found out how to build a low cost smoker. Do we need a smoker? Probably not, but it would fill in the house. In addition to Pinterest, I spend a lot, I mean a lot of time on YouTube watching videos on how to remodel things or build things. It’s fascinating and I’m learning, but it still feels like treading water.

Plus, the weather being all over the place for winter hasn’t helped. We haven’t had a series of mold days in a while. This week was cold. Now it’s going to be warm, too warm for winter. If there was some consistency, we. Ould plan for more outdoorsy things. Last weekend we managed to get out to Devil’s Lake for an afternoon, but not much since then.

I think the month of February is going to go slowly. But the month of March is going to go fast. We’ll have so much we need to do that month, plus some planned events not having to do with the house. God I cannot wait for March.

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