Rubber Broom

Blog / Monday, February 13th, 2017

So my boss gave me a couple tickets to the Garden Show this past weekend. Ellie and I were happy to go, though we didn’t really know what to expect nor did we plan on buying anything. We didn’t even plan on paying for parking, which was $7, so we parked across the street and walked over. We just wanted to wander and get ideas for the new home.

Also, we entered a bunch of giveaways, some of which would really help out new homeowners. I’m really pulling for the $10,000 in new windows I entered to win. Though, Ellie and I are both skeptical if anyone actually wins. We are pretty sure it’s just a gimmick to collect leads to sell to. I mean, I’ve rarely heard of anyone winning those kinds of things.

Anyway, there was this one booth we stopped at because they had a crowd and a fantastic sales pitch. It was a woman with a broom on various types of flooring. Her broom was made of rubber and she claimed it was better than any broom we’ve used before. Then she showed it in action on the flooring. Wood, linoleum, and carpet. On each one, it gathered the dirt and hair with ease. It sold me, so we bought it. Plus, it was a buy one get one deal. We’d be fools not to buy, right?

When we got home, we each grabbed one and took it for a spin. Oh my god, it actually works and it works well. Better than a broom. Ellie started in the kitchen and I started on the carpet covered cat tree. I easily pulled away a ton of cat fur that had been ground into the carpet then proceeded to clean every part of the apartment.

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