Blog / Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Last night we were out for dinner with some friends when one of the guys starts talking to me about literature. We eventually got on the topic of my degree in creative writing and he said he’d be interested in reading some of my work. I got scared.

I know over the years I have put some of my fiction on here, though I never really publicized it. For me, it’s one thing to put something online to be consumed, it’s a whole different t thing to hand it to someone I know to read and then potentially have a discussion about. I’m not confident enough in what I write to know people are reading it. 

I did my best to politely decline his request.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could be comfortable withing and sharing, but I always feel like I could have done it better or put more of my soul into it out when that I’ll just write something for my own amusement and then someone will read far too much into it and have completely wrong ideas about the intent. 

That being said, I do wish I wore more fiction but I have trouble motivating myself to do so. I really want to summarize my time in Peace Corps with a piece of work, so the idea is there,I just haven’t brought myself to do it yet.

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