Chromecast is Hilarity

Blog / Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Last week Google announced their Chromecast and the little, revolutionary device sold out in about two hours by my estimate. Not bad. I was fortunate enough to get my order in right before Amazon sold out (I opted for SuperSaver shipping, so it arrived yesterday). After having the device and playing with it for a day, I highly recommend that everyone get one.

I had some friends over for dinner this evening and then we spend the following couple hours watching YouTube on my TV. Each of us could queue videos on our phone and it made for a great mix of laughter and music.

The device took all of two minutes to set up and I can queue media through my phone with YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Movies. I can also “cast” browser tabs to my TV if I’m using the Chrome browser (if I want to play local media on my TV, all I need to do is open the files in the browser (thanks to HTML5) and cast the tab to my TV).

Here are some photos I took while unboxing my device:

20130731_174033.jpg 20130731_174040.jpg 20130731_174117.jpg 20130731_174124.jpg 20130731_174134.jpg 20130731_174142.jpg

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