Hot Yellow Pepper Casserole

Recipes / Sunday, July 21st, 2013

I just made this awesome dish and I didn’t document it. I’m not even sure what kind of peppers I used, but damn is it good.

Sometimes things like this happen. You’re in the kitchen and you don’t really have a recipe but you know the taste you’re trying to achieve. For this one, I wanted a Mexican tasting pepper dish with a little heat. That’s exactly what I got.

I had a process in mind and I followed it pretty well, and since it was a first time for this process I’m really happy with it. My only issue is that I over baked it and some of the rice got crunchy. No harm done in the long run. Next time I cook it, I’ll just cover it with tin foil for a bit. That way, it will warm through and cook the peppers, but it won’t dry them out. I’ll make sure to remove the foil for a bit so the cheese can get nice and golden.

Now, to do both me and you a favor, I’m going to write the ingredients and the process below (we’ll call it the recipe) and I’m arbitrarily assign it a name. How does, Hot Yellow Pepper Casserole, sound?

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]

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