Camp Bio

Peace Corps / Monday, July 16th, 2012

Saturday started off as a small planning meeting for the upcoming Camp Excite and then devolved into a mess at the club but that’s not the important part. The club that is. Clubs are never important. What was important was the Camp Excite part and I needed a more interesting grab than, “We had a planning meeting.” Now, on to business.

Camp Excite is our oblast, volunteer run English language camp for teenage students. We have weekend camps during the school year and in the summer we have a week-long camp in the forest by the river. Why does this matter? Because of this:


That’s right, my bio, in contrast to the paragraph long bios of other volunteers, reads simply, “Danny is a God among dodgeball players.”

Online bios get tiring to write so I thought I’d only highlight the essentials this time around. Mission success.

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