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Keeping track of programming projects over the years

I know for years and years I’ve teased different programming projects, among others, I’m working on here (hell, this website was initially a programming project–I wrote an entire blogging platform from scratch as a proof of concept; it was primitive, but I loved the software and only switch to WordPress as it was easier to […]

Owning the First Day of School

I talked to Jeramie yesterday and it sounds like she had an awful first day back at school. If not awful then at least not ideal. Apparently she had to deal with the same kinds of things we had to deal with in earlier years, but she’d thought she had helped her school past them. […]

Highlights of Teaching

For the last two weeks of summer, I was asked to work with some of the students one-on-one to prepare them for the National English Olympiad. It’s been fun, and I’ve talked about my approach to teaching already. Today, I want to share the first week results of my method. While most of the time […]

Camp Excite 2012

As I mentioned yesterday, I was at camp for the better part of this week and it took me some time to recuperate. Part of that had to do with being outside camping in the heat without running water and all that, and part of that had to do with wearing myself out working with […]

Camp Bio

Saturday started off as a small planning meeting for the upcoming Camp Excite and then devolved into a mess at the club but that’s not the important part. The club that is. Clubs are never important. What was important was the Camp Excite part and I needed a more interesting grab than, “We had a […]

Training to be the very best

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but my school is pretty much the best at English in the area. You want proof you say? Well, how about the fact that we’re sending two students to the national olympiad competition next month. On;y the first place students in each grade level at the oblast level move on to nationals. […]


There’s this problem I have. I’m not too sure what I’m doing at my site. When I started to find out about the school I’d be teaching at for two years, it sounded like a dream. I was told they had money. I was told the students were good at English. I was told the […]