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Excuse Thursday

It’s time for everybody’s favorite game here, Danny Makes Excuses!¬† I’m fully aware that I said I’d type up a bunch of my novel yesterday and update the word count but other things got in my way. It’s fine, I’ll hopefully get to it later today. First off, yesterday I was having trouble with¬†WordPress. It […]


Tutoring was canceled today. It was my last session. In some ways I’m sad (not getting to spend time with wonderful people trying to learn English) and in some ways I’m happy (I get to end my day sooner). The Peace Corps required me to fulfill 30 hours of ESL tutoring before I’d be qualified […]

Mohammed and the naysayer

I finally met with Mohammed last Thursday. He is my attempt at getting tutoring experience before I leave for the Peace Corps (30hrs are required, though I plan to do much more). Mohammed is from Saudi Arabia. He’s 26 and he is here learning English so he can attend an American graduate program. He majored […]

Waiting for Mohammed

In preparation for the Peace Corps, I was asked to start tutoring ESL students. The guidelines I was given for this were very broad. I need to have 30 hours logged before I am able to leave. That being said, I am sitting in a coffee shop hoping that Mohammed has a chance to show […]