Blog / Thursday, January 26th, 2017

I’ve been fielding a bunch of emails, texts, and calls from people who want to sublet our apartment. It seems like it’s going to be an easier deal than when we sublet the last one.

But subletter are weird.

I mean, they’re flaky but even before they have a chance to be flaky you can tell they’re weird. The first couple stopped by last night, drove from across town to see our place. Ellie had done a fantastic job tidying up and making it presentable. I put dinner in the oven to bake while we wait for them and they looked around. But they came, quickly glanced at each of the rooms, grabbed an application and then left. 

They actually seemed interested. But if it were me, I would have spent some time opening doors and looking closely at things. They’re going to spend thousands of dollars a year on this place if they sublet.the least they can do is check it out thoroughly.

But what’s even weirder are the people who don’t even think to see the place prior to submitting an application. I know I put up decent photos, but you don’t think you need to stop by at all? What if there’s a garbage dump outside a window? What if they got here after signing the lease and realized it’s gang controlled, and not by their gang? Come on people, you’re better than this!

In the end it shouldn’t matter to me what their process is. All that matters to me is that someone takes over our lease. But I’ll sleep easier knowing it’s someone with some sense in them.

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