Comfortable temperatures

Blog / Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

What do you consider to be a comfortable temperatures in the winter? For me, it’s somewhere over 72°. 

At home, we keep the temperature around 68 while we are there, but we make up for it by hiding under a pile of blankets. It’s rather comfortable sitting and watching TV that way. Alternatively, I’ll find a reason to bake. Having the oven on heats up our small apartment. Plus, something tasty comes out of it.

At work, where I do not have the luxury of of blankets or baking, I need a warmer temperature because I’m just sitting there. Our landlords, who set the building heat, do not agree. The heat in our office is maxed at 70 and since I sit next to the window, it feels even colder. My hands are cold all throughout the day. I have a pretty decent body temperature and circulation, so cold hands means it’s too cold.

Yesterday, we flipped the breaker by running space heaters to stay warm. Maintenance came in to check the power was back after they reset it. We asked them to raise the heat and explained our case. They said they’ll look into what they can do. 

Another co-worker came in after they left and said he heard them walking down the hall, telling each other it felt warm enough in our office. Of course it did, since they came in from the cold and are up and moving around. Sounds like our heat won’t be raised.

Our plan now is to trip the breaker multiple times a day. Eventually, it will be less work for them to raise the heat than it will be to keep turning our power back on.

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