Blog / Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

So today, I got a raise. It’s a small raise, in my opinion, but it is still a raise nonetheless. I’m now at the same salary I was when I left my last job. It took me just over two years at that job to reach this salary and it took me just under two to get it at this job. Both started at the same amount.

Additionally, my bonus structure is not reliant on salespeople meeting their goals, like it was last year, but is reliant on me meeting goals Realtors to my job duties. Much more motivating, in my opinion.

But the important news that came out of today was that my job will be reassessed in June, at which point I will be eligible for a promotion, and an additional raise.

To reach that promotion, and part of my raise today, is the idea that I’ll be working with a consultant who used to be my boss when he worked for the company, to help me develop into the role I’ll be considered for in June. I’m very excited for this plan. As I told him today, the past year and a half working with him has really shaped my views about business for the better. He’s semi retired and has worked in varying functions throughout his career, and all of this has taught him to focus both on big picture and the details. Something I strive to do, but can always use more guidance to improve on.

Days like today invigorate me. I’ll come into work with a new energy for the next few weeks (longer if I can stretch it). I’ll be organized and focused and own everything I do, moreso than I do today.

Hopefully this means my voice will be heard in meetings, and considered. I expect to also be able to drive the future of the company.

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