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I’ve been swamped and haven’t had a time to post this, but as of 1:16 AM on Friday, March 14, I am an uncle.

My sister announced she was pregnant back over the summer with her then boyfriend (they had only been dating a few months at the time so it came as a surprise). At the time, it was early so I didn’t want to say anything so I wouldn’t jinx it. Then it got later and later and I kept forgetting to say anything. But she’s here now and she quite cute and I’m pretty happy to be a first time uncle.

I think my sister got the good end of the stick when it came to labor. You always seem to hear stories about women being in labor for a day or more. My sister when in Thursday morning because of contractions and the doctors said she wasn’t dilated enough so they sent her home with some medicine to relax her. Late Thursday evening, the contractions got to be about 3.5 minutes apart so her boyfriend (the conceiver and the now dad) decided they should probably go to the hospital. It was good timing. She got to the hospital and they barely had time for the on-call doctor to come in and deliver the baby. Four minutes in “labor” is the number being thrown around.

Amelia Jo

I went and saw her on Saturday and since I’ve interacted with absolutely no other babies in my life, she was by far the best. Quiet and active. The photo above shows her cry but I kid you not when I say that she hardly made a sound the twenty or so minutes I held her before those pictures. She started cry once I told her that she didn’t give anything to the family and she needed to get a job. She calmed down again once I suggested she could be a model.

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