Kia Rio Cruise Control

Blog / Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

When I bought my 2007 Kia Rio back in December, I didn’t realize how much I’d miss having cruise control. Apparently, the 2007 Kia Rio doesn’t come with the option of cruise control which is pretty amazing considering it’s a great piece of technology to have and it has been around in its current form since the middle of the last century.


When I went up to Minnesota a couple of months ago, I realized what a pain it is to drive without cruise for long trips. Halfway through the ride, my foot was locking up and getting heavy. I had a lot of trouble maintaining a consistent speed. The more my speed fluctuated, the worse gas mileage I received.

Over the past weekend, i fixed this minor engineering oversight. I, with the help of my dad, installed cruise control in my car. Today, I’m heading back up to Minnesota to spend the Fourth with the girlfriend. I’ll be testing the cruise in more depth and monitoring the gas mileage I get with a consistent speed (if I remember correctly, I averaged only 32 MPG last time when I know my car is capable of 37).

If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because the cruise malfunctioned and sent me and my car into the biggest car crash this side of the Pacific. If that happens, I probably won’t be writing much more on here.

Have a great Fourth of July!

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