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On Being a Twentysomething

Ooh boy. This is one of those posts I knew I’d get to at some point but never really imagined it being here. The weird thing is that I knew exactly when it should be written. Today. I needed it out today because as of today, I am no longer in my twenties. In years past, I’ve tried to sum up only the previous year and what it meant to me. But this occasion is so momentous and it’s more than a year. It’s a decade. It’s Continue reading →

Battery Blues

The cold got to us. Ellie told me yesterday that the car wouldn’t start and she was going to walk to work. Fine, I thought, the temperatures were hovering at 5 or 10 below all Sunday night. We’ll just need to warm up the battery and it will be back to normal. No dice. Ellie did get the car running after she got home but she drove it front-ways into a parking spot and didn’t drive it around. So it moved, but didn’t charge and Continue reading →

Car Accident

As I left for work a couple of weeks ago, I got into a minor fender bender on my way out of my apartment parking lot. Initially, my emotions soared as I do not like when other people mistreat my expensive things I meticulously maintain. You see, I was driving out the last straight shot of the parking lot and I saw the girl’s backing lights turn on and saw the car start moving, so I stopped  and started honking to let her know I Continue reading →


When I bought my 2007 Kia Rio back in December, I was in need of a car to get to and from my job every day (then a 1:15 commute each way). I was in a time crunch too, and had very little time after work to view cars in person. But I ended up with the Kia Rio because it was in my budget, had low miles, and I could buy it in my hometown. In many ways, however, I lucked out. My Kia Continue reading →

Kia Rio Cruise Control

When I bought my 2007 Kia Rio back in December, I didn’t realize how much I’d miss having cruise control. Apparently, the 2007 Kia Rio doesn’t come with the option of cruise control which is pretty amazing considering it’s a great piece of technology to have and it has been around in its current form since the middle of the last century. When I went up to Minnesota a couple of months ago, I realized what a pain it is to drive without cruise for Continue reading →

I was wrong about Math

I did my math wrong in my last post. This was my equation: z + m(y – 400) = x But the 400, the amount I spend on gas a month was wrong. I checked it the other day after I filled up my car, a 2007 Kia Rio (see photo), and I got 37 mpg. I average only $265/month for gas. The new equation should read: z + m(y – 265) = x So I should really plug in the new numbers and update Continue reading →