Pulled Pork and Other Cooking

Blog / Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but I started a thing.

I like cooking and I like eating and I like writing. It’s simple enough, no?

Well, that’s not all of it. Back in March I was damned close to getting my foot in the door at a publishing company as an editor. I had applied back while I was in Peace Corps and the guy in charge emailed me back and asked me to resubmit my application with a few more items that the hiring process would need, but closer to when I’d be home. I did. Then I heard nothing.

Then I heard something. I was told within the month I should be hearing about an interview. The month passed. I waited and waited and the whole time I was expecting it to be an out from the job I wasn’t enjoying at the time but now has grown on me.

Then I finally heard back, about six months after my first application. The guy wanted to know more and specifically what my background is in their two niches (crafting and cooking). I didn’t have any formal training in either nor did I spend much time working on either (I cooked, but I didn’t work on improving my cooking). I explained this and said that I’m a fast learner and be more than willing to immerse myself in whatever I needed to. He said thanks, but no thanks because he needed people with experience. Catch-22 is a common theme when looking for a job. Also, thanks for stringing me along for six months, guy.

That’s about the time I decided to start a food blog. While I was living at home and commuting 70 minutes each way, it wasn’t really easy to dive into a recipe and eat at a normal hour so I kept putting it off until I had my own place. That day arrived and now I’m going to be updating from time to time. I want to build that experience that I was lacking and somewhere down the line turn it in my favor to be gainfully employed by it.

I hope you enjoy it.

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