Train to Chicago

Blog / Thursday, December 27th, 2012

On Sunday, I went down to Chicago with my mom, aunt, cousin, and sister to pick up my other cousin from the train station. We drove to Harvard and then took the train downtown. Originally, I was just going to snap a few photos of the train to share with my Ukrainian friends back home because this is our equivalent of the electrichka from Konotop to Kiev, but I ended up taking more while I was in the city. Here are the photos for your enjoyment.

[pe2-gallery] 20121223_082441.jpg20121223_102954.jpg20121223_082754.jpg20121223_082813.jpg20121223_082917.jpg20121223_102957.jpg20121223_112700.jpg20121223_122544.jpg20121223_133932.jpg20121223_133936.jpg20121223_133959.jpg20121223_134017.jpg20121223_134023.jpg20121223_134027.jpg20121223_141708.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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